Philip R. Allard, President

As president and founder of Pioneer Gas Pipeline, Inc. Mr. Allard performs his duties of chief executive as a hands-on assistant to a capable staff. He provides oversight and advice in the areas of operations, engineering, regulatory, measurement, accounting and legal issues. Mr. Allard takes a more substantial role in negotiating and approving gas supply and marketing contracts, maintaining human relations and developing employee benefit programs. As the face of Pioneer he actively cultivates banking and financial relationships, and an industry network with producers, processors and suppliers. This network of industry professionals, developed over 22 years, is of incalculable value in providing market intelligence, potential customers and generating leads for potential acquisitions and divestitures. The pursuit of all company acquisitions and divestitures are the primary responsibility of the president.

Mr. Allard's strengths, broadly summarized include: keen business instincts, creativity, perseverance and market knowledge. He has grown Pioneer from a "one-man show" to an efficient, profitable $20 million operation. Mr. Allard has repeatedly identified value in assets that others do not, relentlessly pursued workable solutions through flexible transaction structures, and ultimately exploited those opportunities for profit. The thorough knowledge of the West Texas pipeline network and the people managing them has been key to converting plans of action into legitimate profit-generating projects.

Mr. Allard received his BBA from the University of North Texas in 1976, and prior to joining the energy sector in 1980 he enjoyed a career in the motor freight industry.
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