Company Philosophy

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY - Undervalued/Under-utilized assets

Throughout Texas there remain a multitude of plants and pipelines for natural gas. Many have traded hands over the years from larger operators to smaller operators, from smaller to larger, been retired and some simply forgotten. Further, in an ever-changing drive toward new goals, shifting priorities and corporate focus, pipeline assets inevitably become unprofitable (or at best stagnant), unattended and simply unimportant. These factors continually pose new opportunities and possibilities for nimble, flexible and creative companies that can foresee and create value in the resulting voids. With diligence and persistence profitable acquisitions can be identified and consummated.

Mr. Allard's twenty years experience in the business, especially in and around West Texas afford him a vast knowledge of the systems, companies, and personnel integral in identifying, negotiating and closing on such transactions. As the owner of Pioneer from its outset in 1990, Pioneer has aggressively pursued seemingly distressed, or at minimum unwanted underutilized systems.

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